This is Rippleshot

We are a customer-first, fraud-fighting company that builds software to detect, reduce and stop fraud.

At Rippleshot, we bring machine learning automation, predictive analytics, big data, and cloud technology to the fight, but our most important tool is you. Collaboration and teamwork are at the foundation of what we do.

We are AI-driven and human-powered. We believe you cannot do it on your own.

Our employees are our bedrock. Our customers are family. Card fraud is complex, labor-intensive, ever-changing, and more challenging when you're on your own. We stop it together.

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Our Why

Banks and credit unions provide incredible service and solutions to millions of people across the country. Still, they should not use inadequate tools, legacy software, and strategies to keep their customers and members protected.

So we created an affordable, reliable, and cutting edge technology solution to help banks, credit unions, and card processors across the country protect their customers, reduce fraud, improve customer experience, and save a ton of time and headaches.

Our Story

In our over 40 years of combined experience identifying and mitigating card fraud, we’ve seen the problem grow from a transaction-level headache to a weekly news headline.

So in 2013, we came together to change the fight against fraud by creating Rippleshot. We take a big-data machine learning approach that is familiar to search, genetics, and advertising and apply it in a novel way to the payment processing industry.

This approach helps banks, merchants, and processors monitor suspicious fraudulent activity proactively and implement smarter fraud risk management strategies when card compromises occur.

Our team is committed to our mission of making people feel secure about the financial information they’re using, storing, or transacting with. We’re actively involved in the fraud community as members of the International Association for Financial Crime Investigators (IAFCI) and the Federal Reserve’s Secure Payments Task Force.

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Our Team

Headshot of Canh Tran, Co-founder & CEO

Canh Tran

Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Canh
Headshot of Randal Cox, Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Randal Cox

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Meet Randal
Headshot of Yueyu Fu, Co-founder & CTO

Yueyu Fu

Co-Founder & CTO

Headshot of Jennifer Fout, Product Director

Jennifer Fout

VP of Product and Client Solutions

Headshot of Daniel Beach, Senior Data Engineer

Daniel Beach

Senior Data Engineer

Meet Daniel
Headshot of Vincente, Rippleshot team member

Vicente Cano

Data Engineer

Jeff Maras' headshot

Jeff Maras

Enterprise Account Executive

Meet Jeff
Tom Horton's headshot

Tom Horton

Sr. Data Analyst

Veronica Mileniky's headshot

Veronica Mileniky

Senior Data Scientist

Meet Veronica
Greg Lenihan's headshot

Greg Lenihan

Product Specialist

Meet Greg
Steven Rojano's headshot

Steven Rojano

Jr. Data Engineer

Meet Steven

Come Work With Us

We support each other. We love learning. We take risks. We innovate. We like to collaborate and encourage each other in our goals and career aspirations. We are data scientists, engineers, financial analysts, runners, rowers, cyclists, amateur magicians, and would-be chefs.

We are fond of bad puns, silly memes, and lots of laughs. We hire friendly people. You will have the opportunity to expand your horizons, challenge yourself, impact our customers, and influence our company and culture.

In these uncertain times, we want to make our corner of the world less scary and full of beauty, wonder, and poetry (and science, too!). So we’d love to have you join the Rippleshot team!

As we continue to grow our team, we invite you to email us your resume at Thank you!

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