Jeff Maras

Enterprise Account Executive

My official title at Rippleshot is Enterprise Account Executive. Simply put, I am in charge of driving revenue for our direct and channel sales. My days are spent getting to know financial institutions across the country. Through in-depth meetings and presentations, I learn about their fraud pain points and suggest ways our technology can alleviate those challenges and enhance their fraud strategy.

The best part about selling in the FinTech industry is the constantly changing landscape. Fraudsters are continuously developing new ways to steal card information from financial institutions. I enjoy getting to know these banks and credit unions personally and helping them keep up and defeat these fraudsters.

My proudest moments so far at Rippleshot have been seeing the positive success our clients can achieve with our products. In sales, you get to know the individuals on the front lines of their FI's fraud defense. You learn about the issues they have to face every single day. It is a wonderful feeling when you can provide the relief they are looking for and then see it delivered directly to them.

When I am not introducing FIs to our proactive fraud-fighting solutions, I attend concerts and root for my favorite Chicago-based teams. Go Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears! Last year, we were blessed with the arrival of Annika, my first grandchild. I look forward to spending as much time with her as possible and being just as active with her as I was with my children at that age.