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Fraud & data breaches happen, but that doesn't mean you need to reissue cards to 75% of your portfolio and disrupt your customers. Get the solution that provides you with the insights and analytics to be proactive. Be the superman or superwoman of your financial institution and save thousands in reissuance costs.


Thousnds of customers never disrupted due to card reissue

Reduce back of the wallet issues

Reissue compromised cards and save thousands

Reduce chargebacks

Control card portfolio risk

Get alerted 6 months earlier than Visa or Mastercard resulting in thousands in savings and limit customer disruption


Receive VISA and MasterCard alerts in your dashboard every morning

Pick the cards to reissues through an easy to navigate dashboard

Red, yellow, green signals to indicate which cards to reissue and which to watch

Fraud scores that enable you to manage risk

Identify CPP in seconds

Know Fraud Forecast vs Network Alerts

Gain a dashboard that empowers you

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Gain control in a way you never thought was possible. Rippleshot provides you with the tools to control your card fraud risk, manage and monitor performance, reduce bank expenses, and scale efficiently as you grow.
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