Veronica Milenkiy

Senior Data Scientist

I am the Senior Data Scientist at Rippleshot. What does a data scientist do? Typically my day includes leveraging tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence to build models that will analyze patterns within our fraud data. I then organize those insights and present them to the team and our clients for review. Since fraud constantly evolves, I am always exploring new ideas, experimenting with proposed solutions, and fine-tuning those aforementioned data models.

I have been immersed in the world of data science for over ten years now. My career has taken me across various industries, including advertising, healthcare, and retail forecasting. My love for analyzing data goes back to grad school, where I used different statistical and machine learning methods to explore Earth's systems and astrophysical data. The experience helped motivate me to obtain my Master’s in Applied Mathematics and Ph.D. in Geophysics from Harvard University.

One of my career goals has always been to apply my skills to something with a purpose that will make a difference in people's lives. That is what I love about my work at Rippleshot. I can work on projects like building an AI demo that allows FIs to automate their rule writing and interact with them through simple language instead of code. Knowing those types of accomplishments are helping protect people's information and money gives me a great sense of pride and purpose.

When I'm not analyzing data, I love to spend time with family and do outdoor activities such as hiking and gardening. I also enjoy taking yoga classes and relaxing with a good book. As I move forward in my career, the number one thing I want to prove to myself is that I can keep doing all of these work and non-work activities for a very long time!