Rules Assist Solution

Pinpoint fraud analytics that enable your fraud department to prevent card fraud before it occurs.

Protect customers from shopping at high risk merchants. Avoid upset customers, financial loss, disputed transactions, and overwhelming your back office.

Automated. Accurately.

Frustrated with your fraud because:

Growing Card Fraud Losses
Tons of manual analysis and data entry
Lack of or limited access to your data
Non-effective fraud decision rules
Reactive to fraud transactions
Know you're missing fraud, but not sure how to find it
Inefficient operational processes
Unable to stop fraud before it occurs
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Block High Risk Merchants

When your customers shop at high-risk merchants, the fraud becomes your fault, whether true or not. Consequently, fixing the card frustrates the customer and somehow lands on your institution.

Your team also has to deal with the process, documentation, manual entry, chargebacks, and financial loss.

Instead of reacting to fraud, get ahead of it and stop your customers from shopping at high-risk merchants to improve their experience.

Proactive Effective Fraud Rule Writing

Do you worry and wonder if your fraud rules are working as effectively as they should?

Being reactive in rule writing is a common complaint fraud departments share. As a result, your call center gets inundated with fraud calls, overworked employees, and customers are annoyed because of the fraud.

Get ahead of the fraud by writing proactively targeted rules by KNOWING they are effective with real-time data.

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In Footprint Card Monitoring

Help customers help themselves.

Are you monitoring the cards and transactions happening in your financial institution? Are you able to communicate to your customers about fraudulent merchants they are shopping at?

Now you can quickly and easily identify which cardholders are shopping at fraudulent merchants and stop them before it becomes a significant issue.

Get ahead of issues before they become a financial loss, massive headaches, and cost you and your team hours of work.

Your customers will appreciate it.

Stop Catastrophic Data Breach Losses

How do you stop something that you can't see?

With Rules Assist, you can see where fraud is happening at other banks and credit unions across the country and tag it so it does not occur in your portfolio.

You don't have to worry about random spikes and unknown fraud occurring. This is our way of helping you predict the future.

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Automate Fraud Trend Analysis

How many hours does your fraud team spend trying to figure out where fraud exists or how it happened? How many hours are wasted on manual analysis and data entry?

It is exhausting, terrible use of your team's time, and inefficient use of your team time. In addition, you will miss fraud when you manually try to find patterns or fraud trends and won't be able to keep up with the sheer amount of work.

Now you can automate it and know that Rules Assist has you covered. Rules Assist uses machine learning to analyze millions of transactions and fraud trends across the payments network to deliver comprehensive and accurate analytics to you daily.

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Status Overview

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Improved Fraud Protection
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Improved Customer Experience
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Decrease In Manual Analysis
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Decrease Internal Frustration
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Decreased Fraud Dollars Loss
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Increased Confidence Your Team is On Top of It All

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