Canh Tran

Co-founder and CEO

I am the CEO and co-founder of Rippleshot. In the early days we were pioneers in building a data network across financial institutions and using machine learning to solve fraud problems. We applied the concept of patient zero used in medicine to identify the sources of data breaches harming banks and consumers. Then, we built predictive tools to help the financial industry proactively combat fraud.  

Today we continue to explore the properties of networks and hubs and push the limits of Artificial Intelligence to build the next generation of fraud tools.  

In my spare time, I like to fly fish. That’s where the name Rippleshot comes from. Spotting the trout from the ripples in the water is like finding the fraud from the trends in the data. Thinking about a problem in a different way and bringing people and technology together to create a more efficient solution is something that I love. The butterfly is lovely, but there is beauty and magic in the transformation of the caterpillar.