Stop card fraud

before it happens

Stop card fraud before it happens


Analyze Less,

Strategize More.

Analyze Less, Strategize More.


A culture built on Collaboration,

Innovation, and Speed-to-Market.

A culture built on Collaboration, Innovation, and Speed-to-Market.


Leveraging The Power of AI

and Clarity of Human Insight.

Leveraging The Power of AI and Clarity of Human Insight.

Stop card fraud
before it happens

Financial institutions-from small banks to large institutions- use Rippleshot's fraud tools to reduce and manage fraud risk proactively



Rippleshot helps financial institutions identify data breaches, high-risk merchants
and compromised cards.

Our platform enables you to take action proactively and swiftly to:

  • Reissue only the truly compromised cards automatically
  • Write decision rules that reduce card fraud while balancing customer impact and interruption
  • Identify compromised merchants and cards early

Use Cases

Fraud Analyst
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Fraud Manager
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Block High Risk Merchants
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Fraud Risk Rule Writing
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Card Reissuance
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In Footprint Card Monitoring
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Manage Catastrophic Data Breaches
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Automate Fraud Trend Reviews
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Compromised Card Management
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Get actionable fraud analytics and monitoring tools customized for your fraud risk portfolio

Are you struggling to figure out where merchant data breaches are happening and how to reduce the impact on cardholders?  What do you say to your customers?

When you don't have access (or limited access) to your data, you can only be reactive. Rippleshot's platform gives you access to your data and the right tools to reduce card fraud pain for your customers, your fraud team, and the bank's operations and call center.

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Feel free to access our e-guides and other resources and sign-up for our blog. You can also schedule time with us to share your most pressing issues and discuss whether we can help you solve them with our networks data, machine learning, and predictive analytics expertise.

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Maybe you would just like to learn more?

Built to leverage the power of AI and machine learning to control fraud, adapt to changing trends and scale digitally

Be more effective.  Be more efficient.  Be more competitive.
Headshot of a payment processor fraud analyst

“75% of the merchants you send us aren’t found in our own reporting analysis that we write rules on."

"Rules Assist’s analytics identify a larger scope of merchants financial institutions should take action on.”

Payment Processor Fraud Analyst
National Financial Institution
Headshot of a bank manager

“Rules Assist’s technology helps our team avoid hiring 3 extra people. Half of a full-time-employee costs me more than Rules Assist.” 

AVP of Fraud Operations
Regional Bank
Picture of bank woman

“Sonar helps our institution proactively address fraud occurring at our institution by helping us stop it significantly faster. Sonar delivers our customers a better experience by reducing cardholder disruption.“ - VP of Operations at Community Credit Union

VP of Operations
Community Credit Union

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Gain control in a way you never thought was possible. Rippleshot provides you with the tools to control your card fraud risk, manage and monitor performance, reduce bank expenses, and scale efficiently as you grow.
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