Daniel Beach

Senior Data Engineer

My official title at Rippleshot is Senior Data Engineer. In simple terms, I run the strategy behind the data platform that powers our products and solutions. In the short term, I ensure the platform is running correctly and the data is being analyzed to bring value to our clients. In the long term, I explore ways to scale the platform to analyze more data more efficiently.

My typical day is broken into two parts. I spend my mornings on engineering tasks assigned to me by our CTO or the product team. These tasks are usually proactive to prevent running into product development roadblocks in the future. Then, I shift to solving more reactive tasks, such as solving issues blocking progress or resolving one-off problems that pop up randomly.

What I love about FinTech is that we play a crucial role in helping people. Especially in my case, my data engineering work contributes to stopping the bad guys from stealing information and money from hardworking everyday people. My most outstanding achievement at Rippleshot was executing a large-scale upgrade of our data infrastructure, allowing us to offer even more firepower for FIs to fight fraudsters.

When I am not helping FIs fight fraud, you will find me outside or creating educational content. I love outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hunting, and backpacking the trails. I also enjoy working on my blog and YouTube channels to create valuable guidance for those looking to learn more about data engineering.