Greg Lenihan

Product Specialist

I am the Product Specialist at Rippleshot, which entails managing our Rules Assist product and exploring the latest fraud trends. That may sound straightforward, but coming from someone who has over a decade fighting fraud, it is much more complex than you might think. The fight against card fraud is unpredictable, which is both the most challenging part of my job and what makes it so much fun.

Card fraud threats constantly evolve regarding where they come from and how they present themselves. Each new fraud pattern is a new puzzle to solve. I spend my days asking the hard questions such as "Why are fraudsters trying that? How can we best block this attack? Can we use these insights somewhere else?" 

My most proud accomplishment so far here at Rippleshot is expanding the high fraud merchant list to work better for financial institutions of all sizes. Before joining the team, I spent 15 years  at Fiserv, building and leading an elite group of incredibly talented card fraud fighters. I am pleased to continue that work every day.

When I am not fighting off the latest fraud attacks, I am spending time raising my three kids and volunteering as Scoutmaster for my oldest son's boy scout troop. My true superpower is being able to effectively search for information. From making the best pancakes and waffles, to completely disassembling our dryer to fix it, or even repairing the heater in my car, the secret is being able to find and digest the information you need. Between raising my family and working to make a difference in the fight against card fraud, I anticipate being a busy guy for a long time.