Fraud Rule Writing

Automate your rule writing to save time and write more effective rules with AI-based analytics. Our Rules Assist intelligence analyzes fraud across the payments network to provide your team with the analytics to save time, do less research, and be more effective.


Reduce fraud loss
Cut manual analysis by 10x
Avoid countless headaches guessing which rules to write
No longer rely on outdated technology
Write pinpointed accurate rules that stop fraud


See 3, 7, and 30 day historical fraud trends on merchants to know exactly what rules to write

See a condensed version of fraudulent activity that you can write rules against

Daily updates of fraudulent activities to be proactive with your rules

Save your call center the extra burden of false positive transactions and time-consuming charge backs

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Gain control in a way you never thought was possible. Rippleshot provides you with the tools to control your card fraud risk, manage and monitor performance, reduce bank expenses, and scale efficiently as you grow.
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