Identify merchant data breaches faster and more comprehensively. Know which cardholders are compromised. Reissue accurately and automatically.


Sonar proactively detects compromised cards and data breaches to ensure you always know three main things:

1) the true health of your credit & debit card portfolio
2) fraud scores of each cardholder
3) the top compromised cards to reissue

Now you can protect your card revenue while reducing fraud costs and use better, more accurate, fact-based information for decision making, which provides your customers with faster alerts and less disruption.

Get alerted six months faster about your compromised cards compared to VISA CAMS and MasterCard ACD alerts.

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Fraud Forecast

Sonar automatically reviews every single card in an issuer’s portfolio every night, assessing its total exposure from all compromised merchants, along with other proprietary information, to provide a fraud forecast score indicating the probability that it will become fraudulent in the next 90 days.


Save hundreds of hours monthly trying to identify compromised cards and which ones to reissue
Save thousands of dollars by reducing the number of cards to reissue
Identify the cards at the highest risk of fraudulent activity and reissue them promptly
Detect cards with a low probability of becoming fraudulent and avoid reissue & negative customer disruptions
Reissuing a certain amount of cards proactively every month allows you to mitigate catastrophic loss when a major data breaches occurs.
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Proactive Card Management

Identify the data breach. Understand why it happened. Strategically reissue. Save thousands. Avoid customer disruption.


No home-grown spreadsheets. No manual list uploading. No more data entry. Get your card portfolio accurately analyzed nightly with fresh insights daily.

Consortium Model

We have over 1,250 financial institution clients and millions of transaction data running through our detection. This is growing fast and speeding up. As a result, fraud happening in other places can be stopped before it occurs to your customers.


Don’t worry about security issues. All transaction data is tokenized and scrubbed of PII before being uploaded to Rippleshot’s Analytical Cloud.

Whales & Minnows

Identify data compromises involving dozens of cards, or thousands, picking up on compromises that card networks don’t have time to investigate. You choose your next move with the intel.

Portfolio Agnostic

Analyze your credit, debit, and prepaid card portfolios. Determine their risk profiles, take independent action, and always have accuracy in the analysis.


Different types of fraudulent transactions require different kinds of strategies. Know the type of transaction used in order to take the appropriate action.

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