Steven Rojano

Junior Data Engineer

I am the Junior Data Engineer here at Rippleshot. My primary role is working with our brilliant team of senior engineers, data scientists, and data analysts. Together, we work to maintain and progress our data warehouse, scale our data model, design reliable ETL processes, and deliver new products to help financial institutions proactively fight the next fraud attack.

The first time I heard about card fraud was the Target data breach in 2013. I distinctly remember how many people were impacted by that event. That draws me to this type of work and a company like Rippleshot. We leverage massive amounts of data to detect these events and proactively limit the impact on financial institutions and their cardholders. It is exciting to be a small yet important part of that mission.

My biggest accomplishment so far at Rippleshot has been being a part of a migration and successfully reaching the milestone of migrating into a new infrastructure. On a personal and career level, I am proud of the professional migration that I have made. I have learned a new infrastructure and familiarized  myself with platforms such as Databricks, Delta Lake, Airflow, and Spark. 

Outside work, I love spending time with my dogs, golfing in the beautiful Arizona weather, or traveling the world with my partner. For me, the future is about letting good things unfold over time and never stop learning. You stop learning when your cup of curiosity is empty. The mindset can be your friend and enemy, so be kind and keep it motivated.