Block High Risk Merchants

Stop high risk merchants in their tracks.


Stop high risk merchants outside of your portfolio savings thousands

Identify fraud occuring inside your own portfolio that manual analysis is missing

Identify fraud trends in seconds instead of hours and days
Stop manual analysis and reorient team to high value activities

Help your customers avoid shopping at a fraudulent merchant
Receive the intel you need to communicate with your customers and share you are stopping fraud for them
Improve customer experience without unforseen or drastic financial loss or disruption

Reduce your fraud loss and save your FI thousands of dollars
Be proactive on fraud loss in a way you never knew existed


Daily high fraud merchants delivered to your inbox

Billions of transactions analyzed across the country to identify fraud for you

False positive ratio provided per merchant for you to control action based on your risk profile

Know the exact merchant IDs to stop and reduce fraud

Cut test transaction fraud to zero

Gain a dashboard that empowers you

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Gain control in a way you never thought was possible. Rippleshot provides you with the tools to control your card fraud risk, manage and monitor performance, reduce bank expenses, and scale efficiently as you grow.
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