Compromised Card Management

Handling data breaches and your customers compromised debit and credit cards can be tricky.

You want to stop the fraud, but you don't want to disrupt the customer experience any more than it needs to be. Mass reissuance get expensive.

Reacting to compromised cards is expensive and frustrating. Get the solution that allows you to be proactive, minimize customer disruption, and saves you thousands in fraud costs, and replacing card costs.


Save thousands of dollars in plastic, printing & shipping costs
5x less disruption to your customers
10x more control for you and your team
Reduce annual fraud loss by 15%

Reissue with 99% accuracy

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Gain control in a way you never thought was possible. Rippleshot provides you with the tools to control your card fraud risk, manage and monitor performance, reduce bank expenses, and scale efficiently as you grow.
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