Developing Trust: 'Look for the Win-Win For Everybody'


Developing trust as a fraud analytics platform doesn’t happen overnight. Here at Rippleshot, we’ve been working for years to make our fraud platform more than just about the data science. We’re all about the people, too.

In a recent interview with Bizcast, our co-founder Canh Tran shared his perspective on what it takes to grow a startup in a rapidly-changing industry — while still delivering customer success through our people-centric model.

“Look for the win-win for everybody. A lot of times during negotiations people think that if I win, you lose. Or, if I lose, you win. Early on someone told me that if you can look for the win-win for everybody that’s more beneficial. A lot of times it’s about increasing the pie for everybody,” Tran said.

“For investors, I try to look for the win for them. I try to look for the win for our customers. And I also try to look for the win for our employees. If you can find a win for all stakeholders, that’s pretty satisfying.”

The trick to keeping the wheels turning?

“Don’t forget why you got into the business in the first place.”

Catch the rest of Tran's insights in the video above.

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