Would a report of high-fraud merchants bolster your current card fraud prevention strategy?

Every day, Rippleshot detects hundreds of fraudulent merchants.

Rippleshot monitors and gathers fraud intelligence from thousands of financial institutions.

We share these findings in the form of reporting regarding high-fraud merchants, providing your fraud team with the power to:

  1. Confirm that other FIs are experiencing fraud with the same merchant ID
  2. Stop that type of fraud before it strikes by blocking merchant IDs (MIDs) outside of your area
  3. Compare our fraud merchant list with your internal data to locate similarities and overlap.
  4. Provide dynamic and well rounded protection for your members credit and debit card information

Teaming up with our data experts enables your team to proactively prevent card fraud before it makes impact.

We will empower you to prevent them from infiltrating your card portfolio and costing your FI money, time and resources.

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