Rippleshot detects data breaches faster, allowing card issuers, processors and merchants to proactively monitor suspicious activities and implement smarter fraud risk management strategies when breaches do occur. Rippleshot knows that what you can't see can hurt you, which is why we sweat the small stuff - the ripples before the tsunami, the tiny anomalies that signal a looming data breach - and let you know earlier, so you can play a pivotal role in reducing fraud loss, improving cardholder security and reducing the severity of breaches.


Rippleshot National

Detect fraud trends across the payment network and mitigate risk with real time decline rules

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Rippleshot Community

Get unprecedented insights into the data breaches affecting your community so you can address them earlier

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Rippleshot Merchant

Protect your brand reputation and defend your retail locations from catastrophic data breaches

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Rippleshot ISO

Monitor all the merchants in your portfolio for data breaches and reduce fraud loss

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Stopping Fraud at the Speed of Data

Rippleshot's award-winning technology monitors millions of transactions daily to identify card fraud at the spot where it first originates - the breached merchant. This gives card issuers, merchants and ISOs the power to detect and address credit card data breaches earlier than ever before, stopping up to 25% of card fraud losses.

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"This newer technology for stopping data breaches and preventing stolen card information from being used at merchants is very timely, given the many recent large retailer breaches." - American Banker