Protecting the World From Card Fraud

Rippleshot’s technology predicts and stops fraud from the use of compromised card details

Helping you detect and combat card fraud

Rippleshot is transforming the way that issuers and processors detect fraud through a cloud-based technology solution that leverages machine learning and data analytics to distinguish fraudulent activity more quickly and efficiently. Rippleshot’s award-winning technology processes millions of payment card transactions in real-time to proactively pinpoint when and where a breach of card data occurred. Following detection, Rippleshot then identifies which cards are most at risk of seeing fraudulent activity, and suggests appropriate mitigation strategies to best prevent fraud loss.

Stopping Fraud at the Speed of Data

Rippleshot’s award-winning technology monitors millions of transactions daily to identify card fraud at the spot where it first originates – the compromised merchant. This gives card issuers, merchants and processors the power to detect and address the use of compromised card information faster and more efficiently than ever before, stopping fraud before it begins.


Of Consumers Experienced Card Fraud


Amount of Expected Card Fraud in 2020


Of Cardholders Concerned With False Declines


Fraud and Cybercrimes Were Reported Last Year

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A Team With Over 40 Years of Combined Expertise


“The potential value to companies, and the intellectual challenge of stopping losses, is enough to draw together crews with the most unlikely of skills:

In addition to … Cox, a CTO who sequenced genomes before modeling and detecting credit card fraud, Rippleshot’s small team includes CEO Canh Tran, who has worked in predictive analytics, and Chief Product Officer Yueyu Fu, who was a neural network developer for Microsoft Bing maps.”



Rippleshot in the News

  • “This newer technology for stopping data breaches and preventing stolen card information from being used at merchants is very timely, given the many recent large retailer breaches.”


  • “Regardless of the kind of security measures used to protect a credit card, once a fraudster has the card data, little can be done to stop him or her from using the information. However, there is a company that promises to stop more than half of the fraudulent spending from compromised cards – Rippleshot.”


  • “The upshot is that the firm can often know when a breach occurred before the victim discloses it; perhaps, even before the victim knows it.”


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