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Data Breach Ripples: Week of August 18th

We’ve put together the latest data breach news for the week of August 18, 2014: South Korea – Several reports believe that over seventy percent of South Korea’s population between the ages of 15 and 65 may have had their personal information stolen in a data breach involving 27 million people and 220 million records. On Thursday, sixteen hackers were arrested for allegedly distributing the stolen records and conducting money laundering schemes, earning the hackers at least $390,000. UPS – On August 20, UPS  announced that 51 of its UPS locations have been affected by a malware breach. UPS was quick to do the math to assure customers that the breach only impacts about 1% of their 4,470 franchised stores.  Bloomberg reports that the breach affected approximately 105,000 customer transactions. UPS’ current assessment shows that the earliest evidence of the malware at any of the 51 breached locations is January 20, 2014. UPS believes the breach began at most locations after Ma
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Data Breach Affects Popular Restaurant Chain P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

On June 13th, 2014, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro said that there has been a breach involving customer’s credit and debit card information. They learned about the breach on Tuesday June 10th, 2014, and investigated this issue through United States Secret Service and third-party forensics experts.   According to the forensic experts, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro’s data breach case seems to involve a “highly sophisticated” gang. As it will take more time to completely resolve the issue, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro created a webpage to help their patrons to check whether their information had been leaked. Furthermore, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro immediately changed their payment system to a manual imprinting credit card system to prevent further damage. Only recently, has P.F. Chang’s China Bistro started to incorporate new encryption-enabled terminals in an effort to phase out from the manual imprinting system.   Rippleshot estimates that the credit card re-issuance alone will cost $49 m
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Rippleshot Wins MWAA’s 2014 Most Innovative Solution

On July 16th, the MWAA hosted the 4th annual Shark Attack Innovation competition at their annual MWAA conference in Lombard, IL. This year’s contestants included Textel, VisitBasis, DMI and Rippleshot. Rippleshot, a cloud-based big-data analytics software company that detects data breaches faster by monitoring merchants and the payment network, was announced as the winner of the MWAA 2014 Shark Attack Innovation competition. The program included a 10 minute presentation, followed by Q&A from the Shark Attack panel of judges. Judges rated the finalists on the following criteria: a. Originality b. Revenue opportunity c. Sales availability d. Presentation quality e. Impact to the market The judges’ panel for this year’s competition consisted of Scott Cathcart, Jason Howard, Robert Hyer Steven Kane, and special guest judge Scott Mandell, the winner from the 2013 Shark Attack Innovation competition. Despite technical difficulties, Rippleshot Chief Scientist and co-founder Randal Cox wa
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UPS Newest Retailer To Suffer Data Breach

Today, United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) said a breach of its computer systems occurred, potentially exposing customers’ personal and payment data across the United States. A spokeswoman for UPS, Chelsea Lee, said that the company found malware at 51 locations in 24 states and that the company began investigations into its computer systems on July 31st. This coincides with the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service’s warning that cybercriminals have been attempting to gain remote access capabilities at various retailers across the United States. While malware was found in over 24 states, the compromised stores equal roughly 1 percent of the company’s 4,470 franchise stores. Compromised Details: The compromised data includes: Name Email Address Mailing Address Card numbers Expiration Date Other credit or debit card numerical information including CVV codes Identity Theft Risks Because both personal and payment information has been reported to be compromised a
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