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Update in Ebay Data Breach

eBay is set to report its second-quarter results on July 16th. For the year eBay’s share price is down almost 7% and Youssef Squali of Cantor Fitzgerald has said, the company’s results will likely be “tainted” by the effects of the data breach which was announced in late May. Until eBay’s earnings report is released to the public, it will be difficult to quantify the impact of this massive data breach and the role its played in the “largest online retailer data breach in 2014.” Be sure to check back here to see how the data breach affected ebay’s second-quarter earnings report. For more info, check out these articles on MarketWatch’s website as well as Rippleshot’s “Truly Massive Data Breach at eBay” article.  
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7 Years of Catastrophic Data Breaches

Over the last 7 years, there have been over 50 data breaches across the globe with at least 1 million records affected per data breach. We’ve compiled a list of 53 data breaches from major organizations including eBay, AOL, Facebook, Experian, Evernote and Target. A recent Ponemon Institute study estimates that nearly 110 million U.S adults have had their personal data compromised in the last 12 months. Organizations across the globe have to start asking WHEN they will breached, not IF. Organization Date Breach Was Publically Known Records Affected PF Changs 6/13/14 7,000,000 Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services 5/22/14 1,300,000 eBay 5/21/14 145,000,000 Orange (Telecom) 5/7/14 1,300,000 AOL 4/28/14 2,000,000 Michael’s Stores, Aaron Brothers 4/17/14 3,000,000 Mumsnet Limited 4/9/14 1,500,000 Experian 4/3/14 200,000,000 City of Verden 4/3/14 18,000,000 Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover 3/30/14 7,000,000 Naver 3/26/14 25,000,000 Korea Telecom
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Truly Massive Data Breach at eBay

Today, eBay announced a truly massive data breach of sensitive data on 148 million customers, making it perhaps the second largest data breach of all time, exceeded only by the 160 million records announced lost in June 2013 by a variety of companies. This breach poses severe risks for general identity theft and password theft.  Consumers are well advised to change passwords and use credit monitoring services. Compromise Details According to eBay, this compromised data include: customers’ name encrypted password email address physical address phone number date of birth eBay claims that no credit card information nor social security numbers were lost in the compromise. Further, its subsidiary PayPal was uncompromised.  The data was collected in late February and early March, 2014.  As of this writing, eBay has not said if this is their entire customer database or not, so it seems prudent to assume all of them. Finally, eBay detected the breach two weeks ago, and is only now annou
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Latest Updates In Target Data Breach

On November 27th 2013, malware was first installed throughout Target’s US environment, prompting what would become the second largest credit card data breach in US history. Some estimates state that at least 70M people have had their information compromised in the Target data breach, which comes out to roughly 45% of all card-holding consumers (160M) in the US.  As we approach the 6 month anniversary of Target’s data breach, new updates and headlines continue to emerge. March 5th: Target’s CIO Resigns On March 5th of 2014, The New York Times reported that Target’s CIO and executive vice president for technology services, Beth M. Jacob had resigned. This would be the first high-level executive to resign after the retailer’s massive data breach affecting at least 70M people. Target would later announce that Jacob would be replaced by Bob DeRodes. May 5th: CEO Resigns From Company Nearly 2 months after Target’s CIO resigned in early March, the chief executiv
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