Jill Hayward

Customer Success Manager

I am the Customer Success Manager at Rippleshot, which means I am the main point of contact for our direct customers and partners. I aim to build customer loyalty, develop strong relationships and ensure our customers and partners are getting the most out of our products and solutions. This ranges from informing customers of product updates, helping them solve daily issues, and collecting critical insights about the customer journey to report to our product, sales, and marketing teams.

What I enjoy most about my job is our solutions' direct impact on our customers. The team here at Rippleshot works daily to save FIs money, protect their customers, and make fraud analysts' lives easier. The best part is that I play a crucial role in helping our customers uncover the benefits and value integrated into our products that make that a reality.

When I'm not helping customers fight fraud attacks, I’m spending time with my husband and two kids. I live an active lifestyle with hobbies such as golfing, skiing, and photography. If I had to identify a "superpower," it would be my ability to get along with pretty much everyone, which has come in handy throughout my career. Moving forward, my key focus will be seeking a fulfilling career path I am passionate about.