Sonar for Card Processors

CPP and fraud analytics, designed for scalable deployment at the card processor level.
Over 80% of credit unions and banks were impacted by a data breach in the past two years.
Since 2009, payment card fraud in the U.S. has grown 22% each year.

Your clients are already looking to your analysts for fraud detection and mitigation help. Why not arm them with the most powerful tool available?

Enter Rippleshot Sonar for Processors

With Rippleshot Sonar, you gain a partner in the fight against payment card compromises. Our platform provides lightning fast automated CPP detection for all of your financial institutions, card portfolio risk profiling, and smart rule suggestions that you can easily implement no matter which rule engine you’re using.

Your Clients Are Going to Want This

Automation – No home-grown spreadsheets or analysts wasting time building lists. Sonar analyzes each issuer’s card portfolio nightly, providing new actionable information each morning.

Tokenization – All transaction data streams are tokenized off-site, before ever reaching Rippleshot’s Analytic Cloud.

Whales & Minnows Approach – Sonar identifies data compromises that involve dozens of cards, or thousands, picking up on compromises that you don’t often have bandwidth to investigate on your own.

CP & CNP – Chip cards issued? Coming soon? Sonar catches card present and card not present fraud.

Portfolio Agnostic – Processing credit, debit and prepaid cards? Sonar can analyze all portfolios.

Smart Rule Writing – Sonar analyzes each client portfolio, and suggests smart, condensed rule sets based on your specific business objectives.

Consortium Model – Sonar detection only gets faster as the data set gets larger, meaning all clients benefit from the data consortium and model adjustments without the need for version releases or new purchases.

How Rippleshot Works

What Kind of Results Can Sonar Deliver?

Our existing pilots with card processing partners have delivered a 300-1100% increase in total fraud captured.

Looking for Proof?

What They’re Saying About Us

“[Rippleshot] Collects data from card issuer clients and pores through card transactions to find signs of fraudulent behavior, often by looking at past illicit activity and comparing it to current behavior. It zeros in on specific merchant locations to find trouble spots.” – American Banker

Let Us Walk You Through the Tool

Your clients are already seeking solutions like this at the processor level. Let Sonar help you scale the existing talent of your in-house analysts by taking care of the tough, manual work of identifying CPPs and building rule sets and letting them focus on what’s more important – the relationship with your customers.

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